Dear Members,
I know that we are all frustrated by the horrible weather this year. Let’s hope the second
half will be better. Our sailing Club will be celebrating our 60th year at Pointe Picard in
2015, and we are preparing for it both in the water and on the grounds.
In order for us to remain an activity supported by the system, we have been advised that
our military (regular or reserve) membership must be significantly increased. We are
asking all members to make an effort and recruit any active or former military personnel
to become new members of the club. A reminder that only regular members can sponsor
associate members.
As support from public funding is decreasing, we will be taking more responsibility for
general maintenance for next season. As a self-help club, members are obliged to help.
We can’t run without you. Thanks to all that contributed their time and effort so far this
year. We have now changed status from a Base “club”, to a “Special Interest Activity”.
This means that we are now operating as a for-profit business. Our Constitution and
SOP’s are being modified to reflect this. More to follow.
Some reminders – club and bar operating hours are Wed nites from 18h to 22h, weekends
from 10h to 17h. At other times, as pre-arranged with an Exec. Committee member.
Private boat owners are allowed on the premises at all times. Please sign in/out or report
any incidents in the log book just inside the main door. All members must be familiar
with our Constitution, and in particular, our SOP’s, which can be found on our website.
No passwords are required. Please visit the website regularly for the latest news and
Upcoming events include the potluck and corn roast Sat 13 Sep 2014, and a Dinghy race
Sat 16 Sep 14 for all the White Sail candidates. On behalf of all the executive, I wish you
a great second half and good sailing. If the have any questions, approach any member of
the executive. Thank you and see you at the Club.
Bob Boutilier, Lcol (Ret’d), Commodore.

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